The Soul Circle

The gig

Jenny McFadden is a life direction coach, trainer and author. Jenny asked me to write an email invitation to promote The Soul Circle, an exclusive group of spiritually aware women. This program was a private invitation that was only offered to Jenny’s clients.

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The copy: sample email


Exclusive invitation: Take a seat with your soul sisters


Who are you?

You are a strong, powerful and remarkable woman. You are a leader. You are an inspiration. You bring your unique gifts and talents to the planet. You are delivering your soul purpose in new ways and expressing and expanding your life path.

Are you ready to take a seat?

This is an exclusive invitation from me to take your spot in the Soul Circle with a collective group of truly remarkable and inspiring women who are all operating at the same level of awareness as you.

I’m inviting you to connect and communicate with a community of soul sisters who will help support you on your life’s journey and challenge you to stay on the path. Everyone is in a different place, but we all have an intuitive connection and an understanding that we are the powerful creators of our own lives.

How will it work?

The Soul Circle will help you stay connected and delve deeper. You will enter a space filled with love and support. You will have access to personal masterclasses and live events – and you’ll have priority access to ask me any questions.

As part of this special circle, I’m welcoming you to share your insights, wisdom and experience with your soul sisters and help each other. Our combined energy is extremely powerful. Together in this magical circle we can create miracles.

Who gets this offer?

My invitation is only being sent to incredible women like you who I have worked with before and won’t be in the public domain. You will intuitively know it’s right for you to be part of this powerful circle and if you’re ready to step up and take your spot in the Soul Circle.

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