I am a writer of witty words and crafty copy.

I am a creative problem solver.

I am a generator of new ideas.

I am a content designer.

I am a digital marketer.

I am all for one and one for all about the customer.

I am a reader.

I am a learner.

I am a people person.

I am a communicator.

I am a collaborator.

I am curious.

I am empathetic.

I am a gin sipper.

I am spirited.

I am a coffee drinker.

I am energetic (it’s the coffee).

I am organised (books, spices, projects, to-do lists – it’s the ex-librarian in me. Nerd alert!).

I am a post-it queen.

I am a mind mapper.

I am coloured pens and sharpened pencils.

I am analog.

I am digital.

I am social and on social.

I am a shoe lover.

I am an inspiration seeker.

I am a creative soul with creative soles.

I am Linda Louise.

If you want the official word on work street, download my CV or find me on LinkedIn.

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