Talk to the trees today

All our wisdom is stored in the trees – Santosh Kalwar

There is something truly remarkable about trees beyond the fact that they keep us healthy and alive. I’ve always felt grounded and centred around beautiful old trees.

This morning I stopped to take a #shoesoftheday video of a tree in the park. It reminded me of a trip to the Muir Woods National Monument. I gazed up at the giant sequoias and California redwoods and a perfect leaf fell from one of the trees into my open hand. The tree was communicating with me.

Muir Woods

After I took my video, I stretched out on the bench under the tree and studied the branches and the leaves. This tree did not talk and a leaf did not fall, but simply stopping to acknowledge the tree today was enough.

Balmain East

Talk to the trees. They may not talk back, but the silence may be just what you need to hear.

Main photo of the Muir Woods taken by yours truly.

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