All you need is love and a new pair of shoes

If you’ve been following my shoes on Instagram, you’ll know that I posted a photo of the Marc Jacobs Love Sneakers that I spotted in the window at Myer Sydney last week.

Well readers, after thinking (okay, obsessing) about these fabulous sneakers for a week, I decided to go into Myer and try them on.

Marc Jacobs Love Sneakers in Myer window

Let me say that I’m not really a department store shopper. I tend to go to smaller boutiques to get a more personalised service. So I’m on the escalators up to the shoe floor thinking this is going to be yet another disappointing experience at Myer.

To my surprise, I was blown away by the customer service. Not only did I find the shoes in my size, the sales assistant was extremely passionate about shoes and made the buying experience out of this world. We had an amazing chat and I left with the shoes (yep, totally saw that coming) and a new shoe bestie.

So Patricia if you’re reading this, I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my shoe-obsessed heart for the phenomenal shopping experience. And if your boss is reading this, give Patricia a raise and a promotion immediately. She is singlehandedly winning you loyal customers and she’s a good shoe egg.

Photo from Vogue magazine

p.s. I also want these Dolce & Gabbana love sunglasses, but they’re ‘price on application’, so I might pour the love into my new shoes for now.

Keep spreading the love shoe lovers ❤️ xx

Main photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

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