This man is a living, breathing disco ball of happiness

What a joy to come across Jeremy, the HAPPY Street DJ, in Martin Place, Sydney last week lip-syncing to Michael Buble’s Everything.

I first saw Jeremy a few weeks ago outside the Queen Victoria Building on George Street with his disco ball, boom box and Mickey Mouse ears belting out Kylie’s I Should Be So Lucky.

At first I thought he was a little nuts, and then I realised he was just doing it for fun and to raise a smile and for no other reason than to make people happy.

The HAPPY Street DJ, Martin Place, Sydney

Jeremy describes himself as a “living, breathing billboard for happiness”.

The HAPPY Street DJ says, “I’m not crazy, I’m not lazy, I’m not homeless and I’m not hope-less, but I am hope-filled. I’m chasing a dream of simple ultimate happiness”.

“Most importantly, I love music and just like your favourite radio station, I want to lift people’s mood and hopefully get you singing, dancing and feeling good, if only for just a passing moment”.


What a joy for someone to be spreading happiness just because they can.

You don’t have to grab the old boom box and party like it’s 1999, but you can find something to brighten someone else’s day.

How will you spread the joy today?

Here’s more on why the HAPPY Street DJ does what he does. If you want to catch the HAPPY Street DJ live on the streets of Sydney, follow the HAPPY Street DJ on Facebook.


  1. So true Linda. I walk past him every morning on my way to work and look for him, look forward to seeing him. Coming into summer with the fresh beautiful feel in the air, seeing him makes me happy. 😊


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