Happy 44th Birthday Hello Kitty

My favourite cartoon cat turns 44 years old today. Happy Birthday Hello Kitty. Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into the world.

Hello Kitty Con 2014

Fun fact #1

Hello Kitty is five apples tall and three apples wide. Linda is 14 apples tall and more than three apples wide.

Measuring up to Hello Kitty

Fun fact #2

Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. She was drawn to reflect your emotions. If you’re happy, Hello Kitty is happy. If you’re sad, Hello Kitty is sad too. You could never be unhappy when you see her kawaii face.

Fabulous fans at Hello Kitty Con


Fun fact #3

Hello Kitty has been on every sort of merchandise imaginable from toasters and vacuum cleaners to light bulbs and guitars.


Once you learn more about Hello Kitty, she will be your favourite too.

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