Macquarie Transaction Account

The gig

Macquarie Bank is a leading provider of banking, financial advice, investment and funds management services. I wrote copy to promote the Macquarie Transaction Account. This was a series of emails, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, banners and Google Adwords.

The copy: sample email



Australian households spend $4.3 billion a year on bank fees. How much are you paying?


Are you sick of paying bank fees?


Australian households spend $4.3 billion a year on bank fees. And last year, we paid around $518 million in ATM fees.

How much you’ll pay and when you pay depends on how you use your account and even how much money you have. Common transaction account fees include:

  • ATM fees (especially for using another bank’s ATM)
  • international transaction fees
  • monthly account keeping fees
  • internet banking fees
  • branch fees.

Let’s say you get cash out once a week. If your bank charges you $2.50 every time you use another bank’s ATM and adds a $5 monthly account keeping fee, you could be paying $15 a month in fees.

Do you care about bank fees? Or do you consider something else when choosing a bank?

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The copy: sample Facebook ad



Free access to any ATM in Australia and no account fees with our transaction account.


Stop paying ATM fees


$0 ATM fees. $0 account fees.

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The copy: sample Google Adwords


Headline 1

$0 ATM fees. $0 account fees.

Headline 2

Stop paying bank fees


Free access to any ATM in Australia. No account fees. Open an account today.

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$0 ATM fees. $0 international purchase fees. $0 account fees. Up to 2.30%.

The results

The result was a 60% increase in new account openings.

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