Ask Yoda

The gig

Ask Yoda was my final project for the User Experience Design Course at General Assembly.

The project

For the project, I pitched an idea for a naturopath in your pocket called Ask Yoda.


Ask Yoda covered all the elements of an end-to-end user experience design project and showcases my skills in this area. You’ll discover how I…

  • generated the idea
  • researched customer needs
  • documented business requirements
  • conducted user research and user testing
  • created personas
  • developed a tone of voice and brand strategy
  • completed a competitor analysis
  • set up user flows and user journeys
  • developed wireframes
  • worked out the minimum viable product (MVP)

…and crafted some cool looking low fidelity prototypes.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 5.59.32 pm

Ask Yoda also showcases my ability to generate new ideas and creatively solve problems. I also fully documented all of the lessons learned as a guide for future UX projects.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 6.03.31 pm

It is worth the click to download the full project. Trust me, you’ll love it.

The results

The final project was marked by Frankie Madden – General Assembly Instructor and Experience Design Lead at Commonwealth Bank.

Final mark: 100%

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 5.29.20 pm

Where did the student’s project excel?

Linda, you’ve done a great job in all elements of your final project. Well done. I love your lessons learnt approach to your final assignment. It really shows me that you’ve listened and learnt the UX concepts throughout the course. Well done.

What aspects of the student’s final project could be improved?

At the beginning, I was a little worried that you may have chosen a product that wouldn’t allow you to showcase various design elements, especially the complex elements. I was proven wrong!

You’ve showcased multiple design principles really well while keeping your product simple and customer centred i.e. you haven’t used the latest design idea because it’s funky!

There’s nothing I can suggest that you need to improve on, just practice all the concepts for different products and customers.

Where could they improve their presentation skills?

Great presentation. Your story about Yoda and the lessons learnt through the process were interesting and captivated the audience. Well done. I could also see you increased your confidence from the mid-course presentation. I would recommend taking any opportunity to present and learn from every opportunity.

Please describe what you view as the student’s strengths as a UX Designer.

Linda, you’ve excelled in all of the techniques, so I would say you’re an all rounder.

What should the student do in order to further their personal development in the subject?

Practice, practice, practice! At every opportunity practice what you’ve learnt in the course.


Learn more

Ask Yoda sadly never made it to development, but if you’d like to learn how to do a cool UX project too, you can study User Experience Design at General Assembly just like I did.


Photo credit for Yoda image: Pixabay


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