Advice on being a woman: inspirational quotes for International Women’s Day

Every International Women’s Day I think about what it means to be a woman and for me it always comes down to the women in my life and the value of my female friendships.

This post is dedicated to the the loving, smart, honest, courageous and (sometimes) crazy women who help me to be the loving, smart, honest, courageous and (definitely) crazy woman that I am. Together we are strong. Together we are brave. Together we are unstoppable.

Here’s some advice from wise, wonderful and (sometimes) crazy women like you.

Iris Apfel

Image credit: Pinterest.

Maya Angelou


Meryl Streep


Eva Mendez


Audrey Hepburn


Jane Fonda


Dolly Parton

Image credit: Pinterest

Kate Spade

Image credit: Flickr

And this final one is dedicated to the most remarkable woman of all.

Image credit: Pinterest.

Need more girl power?

If you’re fully hooked on wise women and hungry for more, check out my favourite coffee table book: SHE: muses, visionaries and madcap heroines. It pays tribute to fabulous women like Nina Simone, Marilyn Munro and Gloria Steinem. And because it’s from the pretty people at Kate Spade, it’s a delight to turn every single page.

Do you have a favourite quote from a wise woman? Share one of your own in the comments below.

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Main photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.




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