Are you looking for the right signs?

There are all sorts of signs – stop signs, shop signs, street signs, warning signs and those ones you get from the universe. I tend to ignore the universal ones and keep trying to open the locked door. Finally after days (sometimes weeks) of hitting my head against the door, I realise that it’s closed because it’s just not my door. Move on dot com.

I’m always looking for the right signs – both universal and physical. Here are some of my favourite signs and adverts that I’ve collected over the years.


Maurizio Nannucci at Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

Live your dreams

New York City

Keeping up with the times

St Ambrose, Sydney

Glass half full

Booze Exchange Ad, Sydney

Hair raising philosophy

Desmond & Molly Jones Hairdressing, Sydney

My kind of payment

Metro St James ad, Sydney

The perfect marriage

Station Bar and Woodfire Pizza, Katoomba

Evil mobile phones

Subway ad, Tokyo

Oh hello

Barangaroo House, Sydney

Zero calories

Somewhere in London

And remember…

Photo by Key Tags by Various Projects

Keep looking for the right signs. It’s so much fun and will keep you in the moment.

Main photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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