Sydney Flash Mob Choir actually flashes

I’ve been a member of the Sydney Flash Mob Choir since its inception in February 2017.

To give you an idea of how it all works, you get a text message a few days before the meeting that tells you the time and date. You show up at the City Recital Hall, you’re handed a song sheet and you sing your heart out for an hour under the direction of a fabulous conductors such as Sam Allchurch, Michelle Leonard and Bretty Weymark.

Here’s me singing in the first ever Flash Mob with the late Richard Gill conducting.

The idea of a Flash Mob choir is that you go into a public area and surprise the crowd by bursting into song or dance. The most famous one is Do Re Mi at Antwerp Train Station.

Our Flash Mob is usually confined to the City Recital Hall but today we took it to the streets. How exciting to be part of the first ever Sydney Flash Mob that flashed.

We unleashed our Dancing in the Street to an unsuspecting lunch crowd in Martin Place today.

Here’s a few behind the scenes photos and a video of our performance.

Welcoming the singers

Off to rehearsal at the City Recital Hall

Discovering the song

We’re singing Dancing in the Street

Starting rehearsals

Rehearsal is underway

Off to Martin Place

Heading to the flash

Singers at the watering hole

The singers are gathering

The flash performance

The superstar

Proudly showing off my limited edition Flash Mob folder

What a beautiful way to end the week !

Anyone can join the Sydney Flash Mob Choir, simply register for SMS notifications.

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